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About Us

Honey & Basil is a family-owned-and-operated company formed with the mission of enriching the lives of families and friends everywhere. Like our brand’s foundation, we keep our candles close to home from start to finish. We truly pride ourselves on using only the finest materials our bountiful country provides, offering a product created entirely within our nation’s borders.  Our candles are made from 100% pure and natural soy, grown right here in the USA. This top quality soy ensures the highest quality of aromas and burns that are guaranteed to last.

We offer fragrances which are based on an array of baked goods. These comforts-of-home scents along with intoxicating scents from luxurious destinations allow you to improve your overall quality of life.  From our home to yours, we provide you with the ingredients necessary to bring that sought after scent to life in each and every jar.  We also give you, our customer, a collectible Honey & Basil recipe card! That way you can make our delicious dishes and treats anytime you choose. As your Honey & Basil candles burn brightly, you can also build your own collection of our recipes.  But really…what is a recipe without instructions?  Our easy to follow detailed instructions can also be found online by visiting our website.

Now that you have your ingredients and instructions, you are ready to make magic happen!  As you let your Honey & Basil candle jars burn, you can amplify their delicious aromas by baking the actual edible delicacy your candle represents! Just follow the instructions on the recipe card.  Bake with family and friends, share recipes with siblings, indulge in amazing recipes, and enjoy all life has to offer with those you treasure most.

At Honey & Basil, we want to be more than just a candle company.  We want our products to unite families by bringing them together. As family members bask in the aromas of our signature scents, they are brought together to bake and indulge in the treats we have to offer. Each candle is topped with our signature blend of raw organic basil and honey to amplify their invigorating fragrances.  Honey & Basil candle jars are also the go-to gifts for candle lovers, the casual baker, or anyone wanting to take a nostalgic trip without leaving the comforts of their own home. Become a Basil-Bee today and experience the magic created as our candles burn. From our home to yours, we offer you our very best.


Our website is an interactive recipe hub for bakers everywhere! It is the one-stop-shop for all of our Basil-Bees.  Here we feature the full collection of candles with all of our recipes and cooking instructions.  We want to bring bakers and thinkers together from across the globe by uniting them on our blog website.  We want our jars to be in your home, and our brand to become a part of your life, just as your ideas and blogs will become a part of our lives.  Our candles are more than just delicious scents for your home because they offer a way to help relieve stress and make new memories to cherish. At Honey & Basil, we want to help improve your overall quality of life. That is our goal, plain and simple.

Want to be part of the action?  Submit your recipes to Honey & Basil by emailing us at info@honeyandbasil.com. We will post your recipes and instructions on our blog website. We are not just another candle company; we are here to be at your service and help find new ways to make delicious dishes.  Make sure to keep checking-in with us because your recipes might even be used as a scent in our upcoming collection!  Thank you for stopping by our site and we hope to see you back again soon!