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It’s time to start the year off right!  We all find ourselves guilty of making the same weight loss New Year’s resolutions each year.  Instead of rushing off to the gym, try easing into this year’s weight loss goal with light exercise and a chilling treat.

Give yourself 30 minutes a day (preferably in the morning) to take a quick walk or power walk.  This will help promote circulation and wake up your body.  When finished, reward yourself with a yummy smoothie.

Need some guidance?  We’ve searched far and wide for our favorite smoothie collection for 2014.


Green Smoothie 2 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake

Dark Chocolate Protein Shake

Coconut, Berry, and Spinach Smoothie Recipe (Paleo, Gaps)

Hydrating Banana, Peaches and Strawberry Smoothie

Cucumber, Grapefruit and Mint Smoothie Blend!

Carrot and apple ‘pie’ spiced smoothie

Nutrient rich energizing matcha drink

Green Ginger Smoothie 

Papaya and coconut smoothie

Watermelon Vanilla Bean Frosty

Brain Healthy Blueberry Dream

Pink Grapefruit Breakfast Smoothie

Chili Lime Mango Smoothie

Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

Layered Fruit Smoothie





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